Magic permon

Interactive game

Unique interactive game for inquisitive, purposeful and patient visitors who like to overcome obstacles of all kinds. It is controlled by using modern information technology, thanks to which you can play this game to entertain yourself, in a team with your family or friends.

Follow the footsteps of ancient miners from Oslavany!

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Interactive game Magic Permon

Visitors involved in interactive games Magic Permon have to overcome all the pitfalls on one of the six routes in Oslavany area. The game is designed for people of all ages. Its principle consists in performing several kinds of tasks – knowledge, skill, physical or adrenaline – which are given via rhymed indications.


The game has different levels of difficulty:


Level 1 for children from 7 to 11 years old

Level 2 for teens from 12 to 17 years old

Level 3 for adults 18 years and older who possess a playful, sport and competitive spirit.


The game takes place throughout the whole PERMONIUM® amusement park and mining tower Kukla. Thanks to this interactive game, the players visit the amusement park repeatedly because it provides them many different types of active enjoyment of leisure time. When you participate in interactive game Magic Permon, you will have to overcome lot of obstacles. Passing them requires ingenuity, skill and adequate physical fitness.

Only if you overcome all the obstacles you can get a unique reward that you take away from the amusement park. However, before you fight your way through to a sweet victorious end, you have to go through the rigors of volcanoes, primeval forest, large overhead maze, pipe field and find the way from the tunnel where miners work.

Traps are also planted in a lair called Kabuch that has the inclined downwards and is placed in the maze. Miners even did not forget on mining tower where they prepared another extraordinary surprise.

Interactive game Magic Permon can be played individually, in groups or as a teambuilding (in several groups).


Lost miner


Original fairy-tale about the lost dwarf miner is designed for little children of preschool age. Go through the park with your kids, search for lost things and find the lost miner. The bravest children will be rewarded by special dwarf miner’s medal.

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