STORY OLD 350 million years

Permonium® is

unique amusement park, integrated into the campus of Kukla mine in Oslavany area, 30 km from Brno more about park
zábava entertainment
adrenalin adrenaline
poznání cognition
zážitky experiences associated with the history and technology of coal mining

The most popular attractions you must visit

In park
you will find
  • digging sandbox
    for the youngest kids photo
  • squelch place
    for the youngest kids photo
  • paddock
    with little donkeys photo
  • coffee
    in mining tower photo
  • style
    snacks photo
  • parking
    free of charge photo
  • bike service
    nook photo
  • wheelchair
    access photo
  • terrace
    with amazing view photo
  • children's
    nook photo

Magic permon

Unique interactive game for inquisitive, purposeful and patient visitors who like to overcome obstacles of all kinds. It is controlled by using modern information technology, thanks to which you can play this game to entertain yourself, in a team with your family or friends.

more about the game

The highest reward for Permonia team is satisfied visitor ...

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