Operating Rules

General provisions

a) These operating regulations serve to maintain the order and safety of visitors in the PERMONIUM amusement park. As soon as the visitor enters to the park, he is required to strictly follow these regulations.

b) PERMONIUM park is designed as an amusing-educational park which is located in a separate part of the complex of manufacturing engineering company STROJÍRNA OSLAVANY, Ltd. It was put into operation on 1st of May 2012. PERMONIUM park includes these objects:

c) amusement park and rope centre are certified according to Reg. Government 173/1997 as amended. These certificates certify the conformity of all the products inside the park with technical descriptions and ensure their safe operation.

d) entry into PERMONIUM park is allowed only to the visitors with the chip that they receive after paying the admission fee according to the current supply and current price list. The chip serves to pass through the turnstile and for payment of all food purchased in the area. The initial credit is set at 300 CZK and can be repeatedly charged at the output cash office. The final spending is paid at once at the output cash office.

e) inside of all the objects of PERMONIUM park there is an interactive game called Magic Permon ongoing. The game is designed for the visitors of all ages.

Visitors are required to:

 a) behave considerately towards other visitors, equipment, expositions and the property of the park, so they do not endanger themselves or other people

b) maintain order and cleanliness inside the park, throwing the garbage or creating graffiti is strictly forbidden. Visitors can use the toilets situated at the entrance cash office, next to the output cash office or in the 3th floor of mining tower

c) respect the instructions from the operators of the park (called PERMONIUM team) in order to ensure the flow of traffic in the area and safety of all the visitors

d) leave all the personal things only in designated areas. The operator is not liable for items left on the premises elsewhere

e) attend mandatory training on the simulator before visiting rope centre or cableway

f) pay the full amount of any damages or losses that were caused by the fault of visitor to the operator of the complex

g) prevent the misuse of the payment chip which is issued to visitors at the entrance cash office to perform non-cash purchases in the area

h) immediately inform the PERMONIUM team about the losing of payment chip and thus prevent potential damage. If the payment chip will not be found before the visitor leaves the park, the visitor agrees to pay a fee of 500 CZK

i) retain all the receipts from cashless purchases in the area for a possible complaint in the output cash office

j) report all the injuries, incurred damages or defects discovered on the equipment to PERMONIUM team immediately

k) ensure consistent adherence of guidelines at every individual attraction of PERMONIUM park

For the safety reasons, there is prohibited:

a) visiting of the rope centre by children under 10 years of age and a height of less than 140 cm, as well as admission to the park by children unaccompanied by a person older than 15 years

b) using the cableway from the terrace of mining tower by children under 12 years of age

c) smoking and handling with open fire outside the reserved area

d) bringing the alcohol, toxic substances and any dangerous objects (e.g. pyrotechnics, bars, weapons, etc.) into the park. The member of PERMONIUM team decides what is dangerous and can ban you from visiting the park if you bring anything dangerous

e) entering into the park under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or psychotropic substances

f) entering into the park with dogs, cats and other animals

g) entering to the areas of the park that are marked by warning “Do not enter”

Liability of the operator

 a) STROJÍRNA OSLAVANY Ltd., Business Development, Padochovská 31, 664 12 Oslavany, +420 546 492 205 is the operator of PERMONIUM park

b) the staff members of the park are liable for the safety of visitors inside the rope centre and the cableway and ensure proper training. In case the visitor will not meet the qualifying criteria for using of these devices, the operator has the right to ban such a visitor from visiting rope centre

c) the operator reserves the right to expel all the visitors who do not follow these operating regulations, break the rules of the game Magic Permon or ignore the instructions from PERMONIUM team without returning

d) in case of power failure, necessary repairs or force majeure situations the visitor cannot demand the return of money

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