About park

At 6,000 square meters, divided into two height levels, there are 26 different attractions in the park – nodes (called using mining jargon) which takes place in an interactive game Magic Permon controlled by using modern information technologies.

Visitors will find here the largest above-ground Czech maze imitating the style of mine shafts, mine lakes, volcano connected with rope centre, primeval forest, old mining workshop, real tunnels which contain realities and fun activities and many other unique activities.

PERMONIUM® park is “an amusement park with a storyline”, offering active learning, entertainment and adrenaline experiences associated with the history and technology of coal mining in the Rosice-Oslavany coalfield. PERMONIUM® theme park is a modern park for active vacationers.

The park was created on the basis of legend about six miners from Oslavany, laying on the field of former Rosice district. There are mainly technical attractions in the spirit of old mining traditions here, describing rise of coal from the beginning of the Palaeozoic – illustrates the lake or volcano – up to today’s information age – a virtual meeting in the Shaft hall of mining tower in an interactive game Magic Permon.

Simply, the park is a great place for families with children of different ages, competitive teams, couples and individuals. A special feature of this unusual, historically valuable space, is its unique use. You can feel the special atmosphere of mystery and history here, but thanks to using information technologies, you still know you are in today’s modern era.

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